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Destination Diaries


King's Island

This was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time!  From the kids having an absolute blast at Planet Snoopy, to reliving the excitement of the Beast, this amusement park is not to be missed!  I have never been a bit squeamish on roller coasters, but I admit, the Diamondback and Firehawk give me a slighlty different perspective.  These are, hands down, the two best coasters I have ever experienced. And strap into the newest coaster, the Banshee... and hold on tight!



Tim: About CityPASS

While all of the CityPASS locations offer such a great value, I found that the New York CityPASS also offers such a peace of mind. With so many people in Times Square selling tickets for attractions, it is so nice to know that everything that you need is already in your pocket! Whenever you plan to visit a new city, CityPASS is the way to go! www.citypass.com


Kathy: About Wildwood Inn

I was so impressed with this property that I could go on for days!  The hotel has many theme suites, and we opted to stay in the "Tennessee Cave".  I can hardly put into workds how impressed I was!  The cave was so authentic it was almost unreal.  Fully equipped with stalactites and stalagmites, it was such a unique experience.   Now, if you can manage to leave your room at all, there is a fantastic indoor swimming pool, complete with a large, waterfall hot tub.  There's even a bar and game room!  I will definitely keep retunring to the Wildwood Inn, located just off of I-71 in Florence, Kentucky.


Angela: About Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins on Broadway is one of the absolute BEST experiences that I have ever had at the theater!  It is pure magic! I couldn't believe some of the special effects. I do not want to spoil them, but let's just say to keep your eyes overhead.  You never know what might blow in!  I especially enjoyed the songs and the dance routines.  The chimney sweeps are great... adding such energy to the performance.  This is truly an event that the whole family can enjoy, from the little ones up to the grandparents.  Find Mary Poppins playing in a city near you, and be instantly transported to the busy streets of London!  Disney does it again!


Tammy: About Sesame Street Live

Thank you, Sesame Street!  This was the best children's event I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot.  The show was never a bit dull.  It literally kept the kids completely enthralled.  (To be honest, I was actually pretty into it, myself! go Big Bird!)  This is something that I would bring my little people to over and over.  They were literally in the aisles dancing and singing and waving at all of the characters.  They especially loved the black light effects.  They were so amazed!

Keep it up, Sesame Street!  You definitely made my Saturday afternoon!


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